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    This years Rose Fair has been cancelled    

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    All Church Services and event are cancelled untill further notice.

    Foodbank should be open as normal.

    If you need any help with shopping or more advice please ring Derek.

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    Minister: Revd Kevin Newton.


    Plese note that Kevin and I are working hard to keep you all uptodated and involved. Please keep looking at the web site for upto date information.

    We have added the "Thought for the week" and added a Sunday sermon on the audio page for this week. We hope to carry on with this each week.

    If you need any help in any way, please contact either of us. May God Bless you all. Derek

    "Thought for the week"          30th March 2020


    Happiness and delight can be found in so many different things; in relationships, in a sunny day, in gardening and hobbies. We can be content and smile in many things. But at present, perhaps the smile has faded as we stay in doors, as we are fearful of social contact; as we wonder what the future holds for this country and for the world in light of the current pandemic. It is easy to say; ‘let’s not worry’ – but worrying is sometimes, what we do best.

    I believe that the best way not to worry is to focus our delight on God. Isaiah encourages us to ‘delight greatly in the Lord; and let our soul rejoice in our God’. Why? Isaiah continues: ‘for He has clothed us with garments of salvation and arrayed us in robes of righteousness’ (Isaiah 61:10). Yes, our current situation is still there, and may be so for some time. But we need not lose our happiness and delight; for these remain in God; His salvation, and what He has done for us.






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