Wisbech Baptist Church. Hill Street PE13 1BD

    Church contact: Derek 07717 325139 or 01945 461291

    Minister: Revd Kevin Newton.



    Covid 19 Update.

    As I’m sure you will have heard that the government have said that places of worship can reopen from the 4th July, but we are still waiting for full details of what the restrictions will involve.

    As our church fellowship include many people in their older years, we have to be aware of the risks to health if we open the church for worship at this time.

    We have one outdoor event booked for 2nd August and we will plan another for the end of August.

    In view of the Covid situation the church will remain closed for public worship for the time being. We will revise this situation on a regular basis with the possibility of reopening in mid-September.

    We thank you all for your patience and understanding.


    "Thought for the week"      5th July 'Give it to God'

    One day God said to Moses, “What’s that in your hand?” Moses replied, “A staff” (Ex.4:2). Just a walking stick, no big deal. Really?  God used it to dry up the Red Sea! I believe that God can take something we’ve had all our life and thought was of little importance, and use it to accomplish great things too. But that only happens when we are willing to acknowledge its potential, and place it in His hands.

    I found this hilarious story about a couple of nuns who worked in a hospital, and ran out of petrol while driving to work one morning. A petrol station was nearby but they had no petrol container. Suddenly, one of them remembered a bedpan in the boot of their car. The petrol was put into the pan and they carried it very carefully back to the car. As the nuns were pouring the petrol from the bedpan into the fuel tank, two men were driving by. Staring in disbelief, one said to the other, “Now, Fred, that’s what I call faith!” It appeared to be foolish. The trouble was, those doubters just didn’t ‘know the truth.’ And were they surprised when those two nuns drove past them on the motorway! The Bible says, ‘Without faith it is impossible to please God’ (Heb.11:6). It takes faith to see walking sticks and bedpans as ‘the tools needed to do the job!’ But I believe when we give God what we’ve got, amazing things can happen in our lives too – why not find out today!



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